DoYouBuzz helps consulting firms
become more competitive by managing resumes
with the greatest of care

What kind of problems do you face today when managing resumes?

Standardize your colleagues' resumes and save time handling resumes.

DoYouBuzz helps you create a customized resume

DoYouBuzz creates a customized resume design for your company encompassing your own values for both consultant and company marketing purposes. This resume design will become your resume template in terms of form and content for greater profile readability and understanding by your clients.

Your resumes evolve with you

If your company's graphic charter evolves tomorrow, no need to start from scratch! DoYouBuzz does the job! All you resumes follows your new graphic charter from one day to the next.

Your colleagues will be guided and won't need to worry about the layout

DoYouBuzz guides your colleagues during the whole profile process and helps them respect the resume information structure chosen so they don't need to worry about any layout issues.

Your salespeople won't waste any more time handling resumes

Thanks to DoYouBuzz, simply click and drag / drop. This way, your managers can create a copy of your resume, make it anonymous and showcase your experiences and skills in tune with the client's needs.

Bertrand BAILLY's testimony

CEO DAVIDSON Consulting Great Place to Work 2016

To showcase a consultant's experiences and skills, we used to work with a resume template in Word. These guidelines were followed.

In practice, the consultants would spend hours struggling in Word. All resumes had their own look & feel. Therefore, a full time assistant was requested to check the layout of each resume. No need to say it was a very difficult and boring job.

Now, when a consultant needs to write a resume, he/she receives an email invitation by his/her manager including a clickable button to access DoYouBuzz's resume creation interface. He/she is guided during the whole process and the resume is completed within 20 minutes tops.

If tomorrow, we decide to change the charter, all resumes will be updated in one go.

In other words, about 3000 hours per year saved, which means approximately 70 k € per year.

Find which consultant's resume that best meets the client's needs

Your resumes are centralized

DoYouBuzz stores all consultants' resumes in your resume database. Your salespeople and HR managers can access these resumes online anytime. They just need to login to their secure personal space.

Search your resumes like on Google

As soon as the client has made his/her request to your salesperson, the salesperson can access all consultants' resumes indexed in the search engine and find the profile that best meets the client's needs by entering keywords, job title, skills, company...

The last version of the resume is always accessible

No need to ask the same question over and over again anymore: "Who has the last version of X or Y's resume?". The last reference version is always at the same place in your resume database! Including all copies made by the salesperson for other clients.

Need to edit a resume before sending?

Once the resume found, simply drag / drop to showcase your experiences and skills in tune with the client's needs. DoYouBuzz helps your salesperson and managers save time by completing these time-consuming tasks in just one click.

Benefit from updated resumes to increase your managers responsiveness.

A clear and motivating process

DoYouBuzz helps setting a clear process within the company. In doing so, the consultants understand how their resumes are used by salespeople and why good writing and regular updates will help them get their dream jobs

Automatic alerts for expired resumes

DoYouBuzz informs your consultants as soon as their resume is no longer up-to-date. They can add and edit information on their resume in one click, without having to worry about the layout.

Don't waste your time asking your consultants to update their resumes

With DoYouBuzz, your salespeople will always have access to updated resumes. This avoids the hassle of contacting the consultants over and over again to receive all updated information. Providing all information as soon as possible is crucial to satisfy the client and close the deal.

Your salespeople can rest assured that all information has been updated

DoYouBuzz informs your salespeople when the template resume and resume versions were last updated so that they can make the right choice.

Create a structuring and encouraging process for your colleagues

The resume: a way to communicate between consultants and managers

DoYouBuzz enables your colleagues to create a clear and relevant resume designed for your clients as well as your managers. It's a way for your consultants to show their managers clearly what they are working on.

A smart resume packaging to get the most interesting jobs

DoYouBuzz helps your colleagues become major players in their professional evolutions by inviting them to update their resume regularly so they can get their dream job.

The resume as a personal development tool

With DoYouBuzz, the resume helps orienting and supporting annual interviews. By updating and improving your resume from managers' feedbacks, the resume becomes a real personal development tool for colleagues.

No more time wasted and frustration

Thanks to DoYouBuzz, your salespeople will no longer be discouraged by missing profiles, outdated resumes or time wasted changing the layout in order to meet the deadline.

Take advantage of your recruitment process by creating your candidates database.

Store and choose from your gathered candidates' resumes

DoYouBuzz stores all candidates' resumes in your resume database. Your HR managers and salespeople can access these resumes online anywhere anytime from their secure personal space.

Classify your candidates' resumes according to your criteria

DoYouBuzz helps you organize your applications according to your job criteria. By customizing the classification, your salespeople and HR managers can find a candidates' resume more efficiently.

Find the perfect profile thanks to the search engine.

As soon as you need to recruit someone, your HR managers can access all candidates' resumes indexed in the search engine and find the profile that best meets your needs by entering keywords, job title, skills, company...

Forge ties with your candidates for future recruitments

DoYouBuzz enables you to communicate directly with your candidates and forge ties with them in order to recontact them when a new opportunity arises.

Bertrand BAILLY's testimony

CEO DAVIDSON Consulting Great Place to Work 2016

One of the bad habits of a service company manager is to hide the resume of a good candidate, keeping it under his hat, until he/she hasn't found a job for him/her. This is how we loose good candidates and great jobs.

Now, when a candidate gets called in for an interview with a manager, the manager sends him/her an email inviting him/her to create his/her resume in the DoYouBuzz interface like for our consultants.

The manager adds key information for the interview (interview date, desired salary, etc...). As a result, the candidate resume is immediately visible by all managers in our DoYouBuzz resume database. If one of the 75 managers has an interesting job that matches your skills and your career aspirations, he can make the job offer straightaway. He/she can see which manager met the candidate, if another manager offered the candidate another job. In other words, we work in full transparency as a team.

This is how we manage over tens of thousands resumes in our database today!