For computer service companies
and consulting firms

Showcase is a Skills portfolio editor transforming candidates' resumes into customized Skills portfolios.
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How does it work?

We create your resume database

Your managers will find your colleagues', freelancers' or candidates' SP.

We create your tailored design

We can use your own mock-up or we can create a new one together.

An online skills portfolio editor

Colleagues, freelancers, candidates or company managers complete their SP in their browsers without having to deal with the layout

A search engine

Managers can use the search engine to find skills which meet the stated needs.

Skills portfolio versions

Managers can create SP versions and send them to their contacts in PDF, Word or Web format.
A sample resume created on Showcase

What are our clients looking for?

A relaxed manager at work
  • Have more time to recruit more candidates
  • Make a better first impression on candidates
  • Have more time with their clients
  • Find a way to stand out
  • Stop tearing your hair out...

Showcase has an API which can interface with ERPs such as Boond Manager, CRMs, ATS and other IS which can be developed internally by the client.

Showcase by doyoubuzz
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Showcase by doyoubuzz


Showcase by doyoubuzz

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Why do they use Showcase?

To spend more time with candidates & clients

Portrait de Bertrand Bailly


Bertrand Bailly, CEO of Davidson Consulting

Before, to present the career and skills of a consultant, we a had a template in Word that every employee had to use. They spent hours struggling in Word. The resumes were all very varied so an assistant had to do the very tedious job of checking and reformatting those resumes.

To get quality SPs and to stand out from competitors

Portrait de Benjamin Bensoussan

Commercial manager

Benjamin Bensoussan, Head of Manufacturing Division at KLB Group

Skills portfolios are always up to date. SPs that value our offers and skills. When a client says 'Your SPs are great', it gives us confidence and has a high impact.

To have candidates complete more of their SPs

Portrait de Lydie Girard

HR manager

Lydie Girard, Talent acquisition at Wemanity

Our candidates are less reluctant to create their skills portfolio to fit our style, I have fewer corrections to make. In short, I save time and can meet more candidates.

Because they care about their candidates

Portrait de Tanoh Ngoyet


Tanoh Ngoyet

Usually, consulting firms ask me to create my SP in Word, which is rather long and tedious. Not long ago, a company sent me a link to their Showcase editor. I really liked the SP design and I was able to import my PDF resume very easily. I just made a few edits and got a great result. I said to myself, this company really values their candidates.

To easily update SP

Portrait de Simon


Simon, consultant at Agap2

I saved a lot of time creating my SP with Showcase. I add a new experience, I fill in a few suggested fields and just save! No need to struggle with the layout. In just a couple of minutes, everything is in order, even if you have to go back and make a few edits.
Simple and efficient!

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